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Mastering PUBMED: Basics



Mastering PUBMED: Basics

In the recent years, the internet has become an important source for medical information. As a health science student or professional, there is always a need to stay updated with the latest research and apply it for patient care. The medical education curriculum does not teach one how to search online in a systematic manner.

This course is intended to help medical students, academicians, practitioners and other learners to integrate best practices in searching medical literature from PubMed.

The course is developed with new age learning technologies, keeping the young learners in mind. It is delivered in partnership with Mediknit, a leading professional medical education organization.

This course is meant for students and professionals of all health science and life-sciences streams.

In addition to the course modules, by signing up for this course, you will get mentoring support for one year. Click here for more details

  • The course is open for registration. You can register and start at any time but must complete the course assessment in six weeks. The video lessons and mentoring will be available for one year.
  • Course Duration: 6 Weeks.


On completion of the course, learner should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of learning to search literature correctly.
  • Understand types of information resources and map them to information needs.
  • Retrieve relevant results and save time.
  • Narrow down search results, when there are too many, and broaden them when there are too few.
  • Save search strategies for future use, and search results in different formats for specific uses.
  • Efficiently search medical literature from PubMed, minimizing time spent and maximizing relevance of search results.

Course Faculty

Course Directors

Vasumathi Sriganesh

MLIS, Honorary CEO,

QMed Knowledge Foundation

Course Coordinators

Fatima Shaikh, MLIS

QMed Knowledge Foundation, Mumbai

Dr Bhaskar Rajkumar

Mediknit, Bangalore


  1. Prelude - Know Your Resources
  2. Computers, Humans and Tags
  3. Creating an NCBI Account
  4. Four Principles of Online Searching
  5. Four Principles - Exercises
  6. Understanding Mesh
  1. Searching from Mesh Page
  2. Display Formats
  3. Filters
  4. Saving Strategies and Results
  5. Finding a Full Reference
  6. Assessment



  • All healthcare practitioners, academicians, students from medical, para-medical, life-sciences disciplinary, librarians and information specialists are eligible for this course.



For students : 5,000*/- 2,500*/-

  • * GST and other applicable taxes extra. Conversion and bank charges for international payments will be additional.
  • If you are group of 5 or More Please call on
    +91-9686199051 or Write to us on info@mediknit.org